What can I do for free hosting

Tue, 2017 December 05 at 11:41

Here are some options I've thought about for free hosting:

  • Azure App Service (I have $50 per month in credit)


    • Nice server side backend that can run ASP, Node, Python, and Java, plus probably others
    • Decent control panel
    • Can scp or ftp into the filesystem, plus git watched to deploy your site from git.
    • No SSL support at the tier I would be wiling to go to.

  • Google Firebase Hosting


    • Simple, static hosting
    • Could be used with a client-side framework to integrate with other Firebase tools
    • SSL suport by default
    • No access to the filesystem; no ftp, scp, or git
    • Static files only

Looking at new hosting options

Sun, 2017 December 03 at 18:21

Mt last hoting was a static site (using node express and ejs templates), but I'm wanting to try out some of Google Firebase's stuff. It's now hosted as a static stice on Firebase Hosting, but I'm going start leveraging local build tools to autmoate the generation of the static page from templates and publish them to Firebase Hosting.

Restarting my site

Wed, 2014 April 04 at 08:30

My Wordpress site got hacked, so I decided to start over. I'm making this site from scratch in node.js. No admin interface to hack.