Rant: Apps with internal browsers

I’m really starting to hate the trend of apps having their own built in mechanism for browsing webpages.

Guilty parties on Android: Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Reddit Is Fun, Feedly, and probably some others. Most have options to turn it off, but some don’t (I’m looking at you, Delicious).

Your app should do what it does, and when you click a link, open the default browser.

Opening within an apps limits a lot of things. What if I want to bookmark the site? What if I see a couple of links on the page I want to open, but I’m not done with the current page?

Operating systems have URL handlers for a reason. Use them.


First kitted-out ride of the year.

Today I joined some friends for a beautiful 30 mile ride into DC. I haven’t ridden more than 3 or 4 miles at a time since sometime in November.

We went to lunch at Bub and Pops, a fantastic little sandwich shop on M St. Afterwards, we headed to GBD (on Connecticut, BTW), and had ourselves some donuts, before heading back home.

I thought I was going to hurt. Not too bad. My lungs were good, my legs were good, and my back was only slighty sore.

My ass, however, has gotten wimpy. Can’t even take 30 miles!

30 more tomorrow. That’s how you get back on the bike. YOU GET BACK ON THE BIKE AND STAY THERE!